We Not Only
Invest in Entrepreneurs,
We Are Entrepreneurs

About Us

Reddick Wellington is a family funded, mid-market private equity investor.

Since our founding in 2017, we have maintained a simple focus: we provide capital for successful, mid-market entrepreneurs looking to achieve strategic milestones ranging from mergers and acquisitions to owner exits and management buyouts.

We know what it takes to operate a successful business. Our founder, Bernard Heitner, is one of the country’s most successful business leaders. In 1992, he started the highly-successful Cambridge Global Investments, a company he subsequently grew foreign exchange house in North America and eventually sold for more than $900 million. 

His entrepreneurial experience remains at the core of Reddick Wellington’s ethos – a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of growing a mid-market business.

We not only invest in entrepreneurs, we are entrepreneurs. Our experience, networks and commitment to building long-term partnerships drive our strategy and those of our portfolio companies.

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Our Approach

Good jockeys
rather than
fast horses.

Reddick Wellington is a self-funded, family office with a focus on multi-generational wealth creation, which means we can monetize investments on a flexible timetable.

We identify opportunities through our extensive network and select targets with proven success and strong management teams. We call this focusing on “good jockeys rather than fast horses.” Then, we determine how our financial and operational expertise can add value.
We also know that strong partnerships are based on long-term commitment and trust. So, we only work with like-minded entrepreneurs. We maintain collaborative partnerships that are open and flexible and our management tools are designed to improve oversight based on best-practices.

Organizations most likely to benefit
from our approach are:


At Reddick Wellington, we are passionate about helping our partners achieve their strategic goals. But how we do this matters too.
Our shared values are our guide.


We believe that trust is at the core of every good relationship. We only invest in people we trust and who trust us as partners.


We believe in putting people first and encouraging a culture where everyone can contribute to our success.


We believe in being transparent with our expectations, flexible with our strategy and always open to new ideas.


We believe in living up to our commitments in order to build a foundation of trust and respect.


We believe in seeking out the best and most innovative solutions and we understand the power that branding and technology can have to transform a business.


We believe in aligning ourselves with our partners and working toward common goals.